Cherries’ jam

Difficulty: low Time: 1h Vegan: YES Cost: low INGREDIENTS (for 4 jars):1 kg cherries500 g sugarethyl alcohol foodCherry jam is an obligation when you live in south Italy and you…

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Medlar’s amaretto

Difficulty: LOW Time: 30' min Vegan: YES Cost: high INGREDIENTS (for 1 dose): 80 medlars kernels; 300 g of alcohol; 400 g of water; 300 g of sugar; 1 vanilla…

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Fava beans and chicory

Difficoltà: media Tempo: 60' min Vegan: SI Costo: basso INGREDIENTS (for 4 people): 150 g of peeled dried broad beans 150 g of potatoes 1 kg of chicory extra virgin…

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Bolognese sauce’s lasagna

Difficulty: medium Time: 1 h Vegan: NO Cost: medium INGREDIENTS (for 4 people)egg's lasagna 250 gmozzarella cheese 200 ggrated parmesan cheese 100 gragù alla bolognese 1 Lsalsa besciamella 1 LLet's…

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Deep fried ricotta cheese

Difficulty: low Time: 10' min Vegan: NO Cost: low INGREDIENTS (for 4 people):250 g ricotta, driedflour1 egg1 pinch of saltextravirgin olive oilBe sure to drain well the ricotta before starting.…

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Stuffed cuttlefish

Difficulty: medium Time: 80 min Vegan: NO Cost: medium INGREDIENTI (per 4 persone):4 cuttlefish, medium-big200 g bread in water1 egg100 g pecorino cheese, gratedtomato sauce 1 LEVO oilchopped parsleychopped garlicchopped…

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Easter “scarcella”

Difficulty: LOW Time: 60 min Vegan: NO Cost: Low INGREDIENTS (for 4 scarcellas):500 g flour 00250 g sugar6 eggs200 g butter100 g icing sugar1 lemonchocolate eggsconfettiFirst of all, we need…

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